Adventure Philosophy is a top towel supplier based in China.

Adventure Philosophy is a top towel supplier based in China.

Located in China, AP Textiles Co., Ltd. is a textile manufacturing company involved in weaving, designing, marketing and trading of towels and other related products. Since 1998, AP Textiles Co. Ltd has specialized in towel industry and therefore prides itself on more than a decade experience in the hotel industry. Now, AP is one of the top towel suppliers in Asia.

The company manufactures quite a range of home textiles for all purposes and in all sizes. To start with, we have bath towels for both kids and adults. The ideal towel size does not only depend on whether one’s clients are children, adults or kids. A bath and hand towel, for instance, will be of a small size for both kids and adults. Beach towels ideal size, on the other hand, will depend on a person’s height.

Our products are skillfully made of the best of textile material for effective drying, repelling stains and keeping off odors. The towels are available in pure cotton, velour cotton, and cotton terry material. Having a towel that is 100% velour cotton is an added advantage to the cotton material. This is because velour cotton has no loops, therefore, creates a velvety smooth surface.

One of our towel types is the bath towel that comes in various decorations to make bathing an exercise to look forward to. These decorations include print and stripes. Also, bath towels may be customized with one’s desired logo. Having logos on towels is especially vital for motels and any other commercial restroom. The range of choice of colors is also quite large. Any color you may wish for is also available just to match our customers unique color preferences. Such colors may be colors that match says the theme color of the business. The bath towels are also designed to be AZO free. The towels are therefore not only safe to use on your skin but are also eco- friendly. This is because AZO compounds are potentially carcinogenic and therefore is a health risk. Azo- dyed towels may also contain some toxic chemicals such as chlorine. The health risk of towels that contain AZO compounds is particularly imminent in kids whose skin is very sensitive because of their underdeveloped derma.

Our other towel types include beach towels. It comes in 14 different colors to choose from. Further, cognizant of the length of a beach towel as an important factor, the products are available in a range of sizes of up to sizes of 150cm*200cm. To make the beach towel even more attractive, we have embraced the applique sewing technique. The beach towels also come in a variety of styles such as hooded, star- shaped and designs of sea creatures such as a mermaid. Our range of beach towels is also available in 100% terry cotton fabric. One advantage of a cotton terry fabric is that it is capable of absorbing large amounts of water. This is because the fabric is made up of large loops.

At AP Textiles Company, we also manufacture towels for sports and Golf activities. Such products are ideal for and commercial gyms and spa. Also, we deal with the manufacture of bathrobes and slippers. The bathrobes are available in cotton fabric, velour cotton, and poly- cotton. We also have bath robes made of microfiber fabric such as the micro-fleece bathrobe. Our bathrobes have an additional advantage of being fitted with one or two pockets and one belt that matches the toweling. Most importantly, our bath robes are AZO free therefore safe on your skin. Just like all our products, the bathrobes are free of AZO compounds.

Our capacity to customize towels in accordance with the specific needs and preferences of our customers is one more thing we pride ourselves in. Such towels can be customized for our customer’s promotion events and hotels. Further, because we have invested in 236 sets of weaving looms and 8 set of printing line, we can respond to order within 24 hours and supply the best service. Most of our customized products, however, have a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces per each design, just for business efficacy purposes.

Due to our excellent reputation in textiles industry, the Company we worked with some of the best clients in the industry such as Pampers, Avon Kids, and Kenzo. AP is the manufacturer behind these great brands.

Most importantly, our quality of towels is never compromised. To this extent, our strict quality management control system is duly certified by ISO 9001:2008 by IQNet. Moreover, our quality control system is certified by the CQC. Also, our quality three – tier inspection mechanism ensures quality for our customers. AP holdes three towel factories in China. These inspections include incoming material inspection, online inspection, and Final inspection before shipment.